General Terms and Conditions of Subscription of Cartão da Casa LEROY MERLIN Portugal

  1. The Cartão da Casa LEROY MERLIN Portugal (hereafter referred to as “Card”) is offered by BCM Bricolage, S.A. company (hereafter referred to as “LEROY MERLIN Portugal”), through the intermediation of LEROY MERLIN stores located in Portugal (hereafter referred to as “Stores”).  
  2. Any individual aged 18 years old and above may subscribe the Card, benefiting from the conditions and exclusive benefits expressed in these terms. 
  3. The subscription and use of the Card does not imply any cost for the Holder and can be used for an indefinite period. 
  4. This Card is personal and non-transferable, and LEROY MERLIN Stores reserve the right to request identification from the card holder. 
  5. The Card Holder may add more than 1 Card to the account (2 cards, 1 account). To add a co-Holder to the account (to whom it will be issued, similarly, a Card), the Holder will necessarily have to go to a Store.
  6. The Holder may address the Services Space of a Store and, after filling up all the necessary data and accepting the present conditions, the final Card will be issued. 
  7. At the time of the Card subscription at the Services Space, an online access to the customer account will be pre-created, to be activated within a maximum of  3 (three) days after the subscription of the Card through the link received by e-mail. This online access may be done at or in the LEROY MERLIN Cartão da Casa App (available at Play Store for Android and App Store for IOS). With this app, the Holder and/or the co-Holder will have access to their cards in digital form (stored at their online account or in the app). 
  8. You may also subscribe the Card and create the respective online access through registration at or through the LEROY MERLIN Cartão da Casa App. A digital card will be created by default (stored on the online account and in the app), and you may also opt for a physical Card (to be collected at any Store). 
  9. The Card is not a credit card, it is a mean that allows the Holder to accumulate 1 point in Card per each € 1 (one Euro) of purchases at a Store and/or at; presenting the Card at the time of the purchase is mandatory. 
  10. For each 250 accumulated points in the Card by the Holder and/or the co-Holder, a discount coupon of € 5 (five Euros) is automatically granted. For example: with 250 points, a € 5 (five Euros) discount coupon will be issued; with 750 points, a € 15 (fifteen Euros) discount coupon will be issued.
  11. The correspondent amount of points for each discount coupon issued will be withdrawn from the account. For example: for a € 5 (five Euros) discount coupon issued, 250 points will be withdrawn from the account; for a € 15 (fifteen Euros) discount coupon issued, 750 points will be withdrawn from the account.
  12. The discount coupon shall be necessarily used in the 90 (ninety) days following its issuance.
  13. The accumulated points in Card will not have an expiry date. 
  14. The Holder and the co-Holder can use only one discount coupon at each purchase, either in store or at
  15. A discount coupon may be used in a phased manner, i.e., it does not have to be fully used at the time of the purchase, as its initial expiry date will remain unaltered.


  1. If the amount of the purchase and/or order is lower than the discount coupon, the difference between the amounts will remain at the discount coupon; no sums of money for compensation between the discounted amount of the coupon and the remaining amount shall be returned by LEROY MERLIN Portugal.
  2. If the amount of the purchase and/or order is higher than the discount coupon, the difference shall be paid through any of the payment methods provided by LEROY MERLIN Portugal. 
  3. The discount coupon can never be exchanged for money, nor will it confer the right to change. 
  4. The discount voucher issued cannot be used for the purchase of cement, brick or plasterboard.
  5. Whenever a new discount coupon is issued, it will be sent by electronic mail or to the mobile phone contact of the account Card Holder within a maximum of 48 hours. The same applies if the Holder have a Customer area at and/or the LEROY MERLIN Portugal Cartão da Casa App. LEROY MERLIN Portugal shall not be held responsible for any possible mistakes at the email address and/or mobile phone contact provided by the account Holder.
  6. If there’s more than 1 purchase made on the same day, the discount voucher issued refers to the total purchases made during that same day.
  7. The orders, purchase receipts and the respective accumulated points will be available at the account of the Holder and/or the co-Holder on the day of purchase in the Customer area at and/or the LEROY MERLIN Portugal Cartão da Casa App, if they have any.
  8. The discount coupon is for exclusive use of the account Holder and/or co-Holder, whenever associated; presenting the Card at the time of the purchase is mandatory. 
  9. In case of fraud, scam attempt or suspicion of possible illegal activities related to the use of discount coupons, LEROY MERLIN Portugal reserves the right to not allow its use. LEROY MERLIN Portugal shall not be held responsible for the loss, theft or eligibility of discount coupons. LEROY MERLIN Portugal does not reissue discount coupons allegedly misplaced, lost, damaged, etc. 
  10. Discount coupons can be used at purchases in any Store and also at purchases at except for the items referred to in 19 above.
  11. The coupon is a discount, as such, when the amount has been deducted at a purchase, that amount will not accumulate points at the Card.
  12. The loyalty program is equally applicable to paid services in store and/or at 
  13. The points associated to product orders will only be accumulated in the Card at their delivery date. 
  14. In case of a return, the correspondent amount of points will be deducted (€ 1 refunded = - 1 point at the loyalty account). If the payment of the returned product has been made, totally or partially, with a discount coupon inactive at the time of the return, a new discount coupon will be issued with the amount correspondent to the proportion represented by the returned product at the initial discount coupon issuance. This discount coupon will be valid for a period of 90 days from its issuance. In case this return is undertaken with the respective discount coupon still active, its expiry date will remain unaltered, not generating the issuance of a new discount coupon.
  15. The loyalty program will grant access to several promotional packs’, hereafter referred to as “Project Packs’”. 
  16. Project Packs’ grant access to 10% direct discount at purchases of € 1,500.00 (one thousand, five hundred Euros) or above, made exclusively at the families of the detailed products in each project (services not included). There are 9 Project Packs’: bathroom, kitchen, garden, doors, windows, pavements, wardrobes, decoration and comfort. For further consultation on the included families in each Project Pack, click here. At, it is possible to verify in each selected product’s page, whether this is included, or not, in any of the 9 Project Packs’.
  17. Discount coupons and project packs’ discount will be not cumulative with other offers or existent promotional discounts (at the store and/or at 
  18. The purchase price of project packs will earn points for the card; however, discount vouchers cannot be used at the time of paying for the project pack(s).
  19. The 10% discount of the Project Pack will only be activated at the time of the initial payment regarding the purchase where the discount will be applied. If subsequently, the products of the purchase in question are added, exchanged or returned, it will not be possible to continue to benefit from this discount.
  20. The loyalty program also grants access to several exclusive actions, namely: specific discounts; workshop offers; commercial satisfaction returning for 2 years without the need to present receipt, as long as the purchase has been made with the presentation of the Card; access to the Customer area at; access to privileged communication through electronic mail and/or SMS, commercial messages/offers among other benefits, except when express consent has not been given. 
  21. The Card use, discount coupons or other benefits granted by it are valid at purchases made in any Store, in national territory, as well as at 
  22. The use or loss of the Card is entirely of the Holder’s and co-Holder (if there is one) responsibility, wherefore, LEROY MERLIN will not hold any liability for its misuse or hypothetical loss. 
  23. LEROY MERLIN Portugal reserves the right to decide which actions are associated with its loyalty program and to establish its conditions of use and annulling cards where a misuse is detected. Any fraudulent or abusive use of the Card will be penalized in the terms set out in law. 
  24. LEROY MERLIN Portugal reserves the right to cancel, suspend or alter in any given moment, the loyalty program and all the associated benefits and discounts. However, any discount voucher(s) issued before this time will remain valid under their original terms.
  25. All the Card Holders will be entitled to new benefits or future improvements that the system may come to implement. 
  26. At the time of the Card subscription, the Holder and/or the co-Holder provide personal data such as: name, date of birth, address, country, phone contact, e-mail and tax number, expressly agreeing with LEROY MERLIN Portugal periodically contacting them, sending commercial messages, offers and other benefits, except if, at the moment of activation, the Holder and/or the co-Holder had expressly not authorized such treatment or, after the subscription, have made any changes in the Customer area where is now expressed that such type of communication is unwanted. 
  27. The personal data collected will be kept, unless otherwise provided by law, for 5 years and may be hosted, shared and communicated, for the same purposes, to other companies of the business group to which LEROY MERLIN belongs (ADEO), whose list of companies you can consult at LEROY MERLIN may use subcontractors (eg suppliers, service providers, etc.) to carry out all or part of the purposes identified, namely, to the company Ariadnext, for the purpose of electronic signature of the Terms and Conditions of the Cartao da Casa ( if applicable).
  28. LEROY MERLIN Portugal assures total security and confidentiality of the Holder and/or the co-Holder’s personal data. These data will be processed by computer for the only and exclusive purpose of marketing actions. According to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, and also to the Decree-Law 67/98 of 26 October, related to personal data protection, the Holder and/or the co-Holder hold the right to access, amend and suppress the personal data whenever they so desire. 
  29. In case you wish to be removed from LEROY MERLIN Portugal’s database, you may pursue that right through the means identified below:

- E-mail:

- Registered letter: LEROY MERLIN Portugal; Dep. MKT – Serviço a Clientes; Rua Quinta do Paizinho, 10-12; 2790-237 Carnaxide

- Telephone: 800 108 005 (free call), opening hours: Monday to Saturday (public holidays included), 9am to 10pm; Sunday, 9am to 8pm

- Website: (Customer area)

  1. These General Terms and Conditions are subject to Portuguese Law. Any dispute relating to their execution shall fall under the jurisdiction of the Court in which the Customer's domicile is located.
  2. Under the terms of the article 18 of Law no. 144/2015, of September 8, LEROY MERLIN informs that, in case of dispute, the Customer may resort to Alternative Dispute Resolution entities.


Updated on june 1st, 2022

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